Privacy Policy and Legal Notice

Thank you for joining us on Motuu!

The purpose of Motuu and the Services offered is to allow you to search, view, share and view travel-related content. This service is offered on the condition that we can identify you. The services offered by Motuu include:

  • Publishing, sharing and saving image, video or text content;
  • Reading and viewing image or text content shared by other users;
  • The identification of places through their name, their address and the use of tags defined by the user.

By logging in to Motuu, browsing the Platform and using the Services, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to our Privacy Policy and our rules for the use of cookies, detailed below. This Policy will allow you to easily understand what data we collect and how we use it.


  • Motuu: the term "Motuu" represents the trademark, registered in France, designating the Platform and/or the whole team that owns, designs and operates the Platform;
  • We: the team that owns, designs and operates the Platform;
  • Platform: the Platform represents all the Services that we publish, operate and make available to Users - the Platform also refers to the digital medium on which these Services are accessible, i.e. a Web Application or website;
  • User: The User is any person or group of persons, registered or not, who uses the Platform or one of the Services offered on Motuu;
  • Services: refers to all the services and functionalities, paying or free, accessible to Users;
  • User Content: Motuu's User Content refers to all data transmitted and elements published, shared and saved in the different sections of the platform in any form (text, image, video...) and in any way;
  • User Data: refers to information related to Users. It may also include the history of use of the Services by the User;
  • Browsing data: refers to information related to the connection of your terminal to the Platform. We may use this navigation data for statistical purposes;
  • Community: refers to all Users registered on the Platform.

Legal notice

  • Owners: Thomas Benoist-Lucy and Joyd Sousa, individuals.
  • Owner Contacts: Thomas Benoist-Lucy ( and Joyd Sousa (
  • Creators: Thomas Benoist-Lucy and Joyd Sousa, individuals
  • Publisher: Thomas Benoist-Lucy, natural person whose email address is
  • Webmaster: Joyd Sousa, natural person whose email address is
  • Host: - 131, Boulevard de Sébastopol, Paris, 75002 France
  • Credits: Thomas Benoist-Lucy and Joyd Sousa
  • The Motuu trademark: Word trademark owned by Thomas Benoist-Lucy, registered at 92-INPI on May 26, 2020 under number 20 4 650 970, and published in the Bulletin Officiel de la propriété intellectuelle n°20/53 Vol.II of January 1, 2021

Privacy Policy

1. What information or data does Motuu collect?

At Motuu, we are committed to collecting only the information we need to ensure your safety, facilitate our interactions, and provide and improve our services. In this context, the information that you have agreed to share with us or that you have given us permission to obtain are the following:

  • Your email address
  • Your first and last name
  • The URL of your personal website (if you want to share it)
  • Photos and User Content

If you connect your Facebook, Google, Instagram, or other third-party accounts to Motuu, we will receive information from those accounts, and use it to improve your experience on the Platform.

In addition to the information directly shared by the User, we also collect certain data automatically. By using the Services and the Platform, the User agrees that we also collect this information automatically. This information may be collected in several ways:

  • Analysis of your activity on Motuu such as the User Content you click on, the links you follow, whether internal to Motuu or leading to sites, services and platforms external to Motuu;
  • Analysis of data provided by our partners and advertisers;
  • Log and Browser Data: This data may include your IP address, the URL data of the links through which the user accessed the Platform, as well as the searches performed on the Platform, the type of browser you are using and its settings, the date and time of your requests on Motuu, the way you used Motuu, the data related to cookies and your device ;
  • Data related to the device you use to browse Motuu such as its type, operating system and crash reports (allowing us to more easily identify sources of malfunction).

Our objective, through this automatic collection of information, is also to determine and specify your profile to bring you the content that best meets your expectations and your interests.

2. Why we collect this information

The collection of this information is essential for us to provide you with a quality experience and Services, adapted to your profile, in complete safety. The data we collect is also vital for us to evolve the Platform and its features to continue to inspire you.

We do not sell our Users' personal information. This information is never published without the User's knowledge, exchanged, transferred or sold on any support to third parties. Only the case of Motuu and its rights' repurchase would allow the transmission of this personal information to the eventual purchaser who would be in turn bound by the same obligation of conservation and modification of the data towards the Platform's User.

The use of this information is essential to us in order to:

  • Identify you when you log in and browse the Platform;
  • To provide and improve our Services;
  • Ensure the security of the Platform and optimize the Services, prevent potential risks and fraud;
  • Communicate with you more quickly and efficiently;
  • To analyze the User Content present on Motuu and to identify elements that are harmful or do not comply with our General Terms of Use;
  • Debug and repair potential errors;
  • Manage your Motuu account;
  • Conduct research and development and other activities to improve our service;
  • To adapt the content and suggestions (friends, contacts, other users sharing the same interests...) that are proposed to you on the Platform so that they correspond to your profile;
  • To market our services and understand how users interact with them.

3. Sharing and Deleting collected information and data

The User Content published on the Platform is public, which means that anyone can see it as soon as they arrive and browse the Platform.

Neither the User Content nor the User's personal information is and will be sold or transferred to other companies, whether or not they are partners of Motuu. It is used exclusively by Motuu for the operation of the Services.

The User Content shared on the Platform can be adapted to be used in the framework of the communication around the proposed services, always exclusively by Motuu.

It is possible that information and data collected on Motuu may be shared with:

  • Partner Services, only according to your instructions and subject to your validation;
  • Services we use to promote the Platform and the User Content you share on other sites or platforms;
  • Third party companies, service providers or individuals that we contract to process information on our behalf.

There is no time limit to the retention of the data and information collected. It allows us to continue to operate the Services. However, it will be deleted or anonymized once we have decided that we no longer need it.

We remind you that any User of the Platform has a right of access and rectification on the nominative data concerning him, either directly from his profile, or by sending an e-mail to, by accompanying his message with a copy of the identity document with signature of the holder of the document, and by specifying the address to which the answer must be sent.

You can manage and delete your personal information and User Content shared on Motuu at any time from your profile or by deleting your account. We remind you that you can delete your account and personal data at any time without any justification directly from your profile.

In the event that you wish to make a specific request to delete or anonymize information or data that we collect, or if you would like more details about the data we collect and how it is processed, please send us an email at

4. Copyright policy

All User Content shared on the Platform is protected by intellectual property rights. Apart from the exceptions provided for by the Intellectual Property Code, any reproduction, representation, use or adaptation, in any form whatsoever, of all or part of the elements of the Platform without the consent of Motuu constitutes an act of infringement sanctioned by the Intellectual Property Code.

Any use or reproduction of the distinctive elements of the Platform and its text, photo, video or figurative content is prohibited without the consent of its owner.
All rights of the authors of the protected works reproduced and communicated on the Platform are reserved. Unless authorized, any use of the works other than individual and private reproduction and consultation is prohibited.

The logos and all other distinctive signs present on the Platform are the property of Motuu or are subject to an authorization of use. No right or license can be attributed to any of these elements without the written authorization of Motuu or of a third party holder of the rights.

5. Updating our privacy policy

We may periodically make changes or additions to this privacy policy. Any changes or additions will be made directly on this page. By connecting to Motuu and using the Services offered, the User accepts any modification.
In the case of significant or structural changes, we may notify our users by e-mail.

If you have any questions about our data processing activities, or if you believe that we have not complied with data protection laws, you can email us at

Cookie management

By using the Platform, the User is informed that one or more "cookies" or similar technologies, generally containing no personal information, may be placed on his/her hard disk in order to ensure the proper use of the Services.
Some specific cookies, directly associated with the Motuu user account parameters, may however include personal information provided by the User (name, first name, email address...).

A "cookie" is a small file that is installed on the Motuu User's browser. It will allow us to collect information about his browser or log data. These cookies are associated exclusively with the User's Motuu account or browser.

This text file is generated by our server, and can only be reused by our server, which deposited it in the first place. Cookies allow us to collect technical information that we automatically receive when you log in and browse the Platform.
Cookies can be very useful and are used, among other things, to save certain settings or preferences, so that you do not have to reconfigure them each time you log in.

Some types of cookies are essential for the use of the Services and the Platform. The Motuu User is therefore warned that certain functionalities or Services offered on the Platform cannot be used or will function in a degraded mode if the User refuses the installation of cookies.

Other types of cookies, which are less essential, may be used for functionality (to improve the quality of navigation and Services on the Platform), advertising (to personalize the advertising content offered to the User on the Platform) or statistical purposes (to allow us to analyze the use of the users, the origin, the type of audience and the performance of the Platform)

The length of time that cookies are stored on your terminal may vary depending on the type of cookie:

  • Temporary session cookies are retained only until the browser is closed.
  • Persistent cookies remain active until deleted by the User or by his browser. These cookies can be deleted directly through the browser settings.

What cookies do we use on Motuu?

  • Technical cookies for settings and browsing: these cookies simply improve the fluidity and quality of browsing on the Platform. They are useful for remembering your usage references, display settings or readers used. They may be essential in accessing certain features or Services of the Platform, guarantee certain security protocols regarding your connection to the Platform and allow us to identify you very easily during the connection phase.
  • Analytical and statistical cookies: on Motuu, we use cookies to analyze and record anonymously the pages visited by our users, their activity and their path on the Platform as well as their frequency of returns. This information allows us to obtain statistics on user preferences in terms of content and pages viewed and to improve the content of the Platform. Some of these cookies may be linked to the IP address of the terminal used and allow, among other things, the identification of the location of the terminal.

When you first connect to the Platform with your browser, we inform you that we use these cookies via a small automatic message in the form of a banner. We then offer you two possibilities to continue on the Platform:

  • You understand and agree ("Accept all cookies" button) that we need to use all of these cookies: the entire Platform, all its features and services are open to you and we are delighted to welcome you!
  • By clicking on "Decline", you refuse the use of marketing or advertising cookies but still accept the technical cookies that are essential to the proper functioning of the Platform, and we are also delighted to see you there!

If you wish to view the Platform from different terminals, you should ensure that each browser is set to suit your settings.

You may refuse the installation and storage of cookies, or configure your browser so that it announces the downloading of cookies and asks for your consent on a case-by-case basis.
(For more information on the practices related to cookies, you can consult the CNIL website:

If you have any complaint or claim concerning the use of personal data on the Motuu Platform, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can provide you with all the necessary answers. However, if you wish, you can also lodge a complaint directly with the CNIL on

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