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General terms of use

The purpose of the present general conditions of use is to define the terms and conditions of use of the services offered on the application (hereinafter "the Services"). The purpose of Motuu and the Services offered is to allow you to search, consult and view travel-related content, as well as to share it. This service is offered subject to our ability to identify you. The Services offered by Motuu include:

These general terms of use are accessible at any time via the drop-down menu at the top of the page on the mobile application. Certain elements of these general terms of use may be supplemented by specific terms of use for a service offered. In the event of a contradiction between the general terms of use and the specific terms of use of a service, the specific terms of use of the service shall prevail.

1. Operator of the Platform services

The services offered on the Motuu Platform are exclusively operated by the Motuu company. Motuu's interlocutors can be contacted at the following coordinates:

2. Preamble

Any person wishing to access the Services accepts the present general terms of use by checking a box in the registration form, this acceptance being full and complete. By connecting to Motuu, browsing the Platform and using the Services, you acknowledge having read and accepted the General Terms of Use (hereafter "GTU") detailed below.

Any person who does not check the box accepting the present GTU in the registration form, and who does not wish to be bound to Motuu by the present GTU will be denied access to the Services.

This web Platform is the exclusive property of the Motuu company, and consequently of its managers, co-founders of the Platform.

By accessing Motuu or using the Services, you agree to abide by these Terms, our Privacy Policy and our Cookie Usage Policy at all times.

If a condition is missing in the present GTU, it will be considered as being governed by the practices in force in the sector of user generated content (UGC) and distance selling in accordance with French law. If you have any questions that are not answered in these terms and conditions, please contact us by email at

3. Motuu Platform End User License Agreement (EULA)

The use of the Platform is governed by a legally binding contract, the End User License Agreement (the "EULA", the "License", or the "Agreement" hereinafter), between Motuu and any user, natural or legal person.

By using the Platform, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this agreement (as well as these GTU), you accept all the terms of this agreement and agree to be bound to Motuu by it. If you do not accept these terms, you may not use the Platform or any of the services offered by Motuu.

The present EULA included in the GTU, together with our privacy policy, constitute the entire, complete and exclusive contract between the user and Motuu and the Platform. It replaces all previous written or verbal agreements, guarantees or declarations concerning the use of the Platform.

Granting of the License

Subject to the terms, conditions and restrictions of this EULA, Motuu hereby grants you a limited, personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-assignable license without the right to sub-license.
This License allows the User to use the Platform and the services made available by Motuu in strict compliance with the rules described in these GTU. Only users who have accepted these GTU and, indeed, the conditions of this License, at the time of their registration, are authorized to use the services of the Platform.

The User License is personal and cannot be transferred to a third party. The user agrees not to keep any copy of the Motuu software versions, other than for normal use of the services as defined by the present GTU.

The granting of the License to use the Platform and its services is subject to Motuu's disclaimer and limitations of liability set forth in paragraphs 14 and 15 of this GTU.

License Restrictions

Except as otherwise provided herein or expressly agreed by Motuu, you may not and will not permit any third party to:

More generally, the granting of this License to any user is effective under the condition that the user respects all the rules of the community provided in these GTU.

All rights reserved

The Platform and its Services are licensed under this EULA and not sold. Motuu retains all right, title and interest in and to the Platform and its services, as well as all copyrights, trade secrets, patents, trademarks, derivative works and other intellectual property rights, including moral rights, registrations and applications. The user does not acquire any property rights in the Platform
Motuu's intellectual property rights are valid and protected in all forms, media and technologies existing or future.


Motuu may, at any time, in its sole discretion, develop and provide updates to the Platform, which may include upgrades, bug fixes, patches, other error corrections and/or new features. These updates may also modify or remove certain features in whole or in part. You agree that Motuu has no obligation to provide updates or to continue to provide or enable features. The user will be able to:

The user is warned that it may be necessary to quickly download and install the updates proposed by Motuu in order to continue to enjoy the services fully and correctly.

Termination and waiver

This EULA is effective until terminated, effective upon deletion of the account by the user or by Motuu (depending on the conditions of termination of the account, see this GTU). The rights under this EULA will automatically terminate or cease to be effective if the user fails to comply with the terms or conditions of this EULA and all rules specified in this GTU and in the Privacy Policy. Upon termination of this EULA, User's access to the Platform shall cease immediately and, failing immediate termination, User shall cease all use of the Platform and its services.

No waiver of any breach or failure to exercise any option, right or privilege under this EULA on any occasion by Motuu shall be construed as a waiver of any subsequent breach or right to exercise any option, right or privilege.


User agrees to indemnify and defend against any and all losses, damages, liabilities, deficiencies, claims, actions, judgments, settlements, interest, penalties, fines, costs or expenses, including reasonable attorneys' fees, arising out of or relating to User's use or misuse of the Platform and its Services or any breach of this Agreement.
The Applicable Law is specified in Section 17 of this GTU.

4. Accessibility to the Platform and Services

Access to Motuu is authorized in the framework of the respect of the present GTU as well as the laws in force. Any User wishing to create an account on the Platform undertakes to provide accurate and complete information. In this respect, it is forbidden to create an account usurping the identity of a third party or presenting in a misleading way a link with a person or entity.

The Services offered on the Platform are accessible to any User who has access to the Internet and the equipment to access it.
Ces Services sont accessibles gratuitement. Tous les coûts de structure ou de matériel, y compris l’accès à internet, sont à la charge de l’Utilisateur exclusivement.
Motuu ne pourra en aucun cas être tenu responsable en cas de dysfonctionnement de l’équipement matériel et de l’accès à internet.

Access to the Services and use of the Platform is prohibited for children under the age of 13. Motuu is only accessible to Users who have reached the age at which the laws of their country allow them to give their consent to the processing of data. On the other hand, the services are only accessible to natural persons who have full legal capacity to use them or, if applicable, with the consent of their legal representative. Finally, any natural person may use the services in the name of a legal entity only if he or she has full legal capacity to contract in the name and on behalf of that legal entity.

The use of Motuu's integrated banking services, and in particular the "Wallet" functionality, is only authorized to persons over 18 years of age. For more information about the "Wallet" functionality, please refer to the dedicated section.

Use of the Platform may include downloading the software or a shortcut to the Platform on a computer or mobile device. You agree that we may automatically update the Platform, and these terms will apply to any such update.

5. Termination

We reserve the right to unilaterally terminate or suspend the access or use rights of any User of the Platform for any reason without prior notice. Upon termination of our relationship, the User whose access or use rights have been restricted or suspended shall remain bound by these terms and conditions with respect to the User Content.

6. The User Content

The purpose of Motuu is, among other things, to allow you to share photos, videos and text publications, possibly including links and comments. You then retain all relative rights and are solely responsible for the User Content that you publish on Motuu.

By publishing User Content, the User guarantees that he/she has all the rights and authorizations to publish it on the Platform. He/she commits himself/herself to the fact that the aforementioned Content is legal, does not infringe public order, good morals or third party rights, does not violate any legislative or regulatory provision and, more generally, is not likely to bring into play Motuu's civil or penal responsibility.

You agree to respect the laws and regulations in force and to use only content (texts, photos...) on which you have the necessary rights for their distribution or have obtained prior authorization from the rights holder.

You grant Motuu and our other Users a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferable license to use, store, display, reproduce, modify, create derivative works from, perform and distribute your User Content on Motuu for the sole purpose of operating, developing, offering and using Motuu. We reserve the right to remove or edit User Content, or change the manner in which it is used on Motuu, in the event that we believe it violates these Terms or any other policy. This may be done unilaterally without notice.

After you close or deactivate your account or if you delete User Content from Motuu, we may retain your User Content for a reasonable period of time for backup, archival or monitoring purposes. Copies of content shared with others may remain, even after you delete the content from your account.

If you choose to post User Content, comments, ideas or feedback, you agree that we are free to use them without restriction or compensation to you. By accepting your posting, Motuu does not waive any right to use similar or related feedback already known to Motuu, written by its creators and operators or obtained from sources other than you.

7. Shared data

By creating an account on Motuu and by using the Services made available, the User expressly accepts that the data shared and recorded on the Platform and on Motuu's equipment are proof of the reality of the operations carried out within the framework of the present contract and that these data constitute the only elements of proof that can be retained between the parties, in particular in the case of litigation or for the determination of sums due to the User.

All data are accessible on the Platform, from the User's personal space.

8. Hyperlinks to third party sites and resources

The Platform contains hyperlinks to websites, services, platforms, or other events and activities that are not edited or managed by Motuu. These links are offered to the users of the Platform as a Service. Since we have no control over or guarantee of these external elements, we do not assume any responsibility for the content of these sites or for any external information, documents, products or services. In other words, you agree to access or use such third party websites, services or content at your own risk.

The present GTU are only applicable to the Motuu Platform and do not concern other sites not affiliated to Motuu.

9. Motuu Community Rules

The Motuu Platform offers, among other things, a service for sharing information, User Content and data in any form. In this context, we do not authorize, under any condition, any hostile, explicit, erroneous or misleading, harmful, hateful or violent behavior or content.

Obligations of the User:

In addition to the other provisions detailed in these General Terms of Use, access to the Platform and use of the Services is permitted subject to the following obligations:

10. Prohibited content

The User agrees to follow all the rules related to the sharing of User Content as detailed in the previous section "User Content". Here is a non-exhaustive list of the main types of Content that the User is forbidden to share on the Platform:

11. Prohibited behaviors

The following is a non-exhaustive list of prohibited behaviors on the Platform and when using the Services. This non-exhaustive list applies in addition to the types of prohibited Content listed in the "Prohibited Content" section:

12. Sanctions for Default or Violation

In the event of non-compliance with these Terms of Use or in the event of behavior that violates applicable laws and regulations by one or more Users of the Platform, we reserve the right to take any appropriate action without delay such as:

13. Security

The security of your account, user data and content published and saved on the Platform is our priority. Motuu undertakes to put in place all the means available to it, within a reasonable framework, to ensure the security and confidentiality of the data transmitted.

However, we cannot guarantee that malicious acts by unauthorized third parties can occur and get past our protection measures.
It is therefore important that each User of the Platform takes care of the confidentiality of his or her User Data, his or her password for accessing the Motuu account and information that he or she would consider sensitive.

Given the technical limitations and constraints of the Internet, Motuu cannot guarantee total security of data transmissions, and cannot be held responsible for potential damages.

If you think you are a witness or victim of a malicious act on the Platform, contact us immediately by email at

Furthermore, you may not use any unwarranted or fraudulent method to access, search, remove, download or change Motuu or its contents, or to circumvent our security measures or test the vulnerability of our systems or networks.

14. Motuu Disclaimer

We make every effort to provide you with the best quality access to the Services. However, our Services and all content on the Platform are provided as is, without any obligation or warranty of any kind, express or implied.

Motuu will not be responsible in any way for the content that you or another User may view, post, share or save on the Platform. By using and browsing the Platform, you understand and accept that you may encounter User Content that is inappropriate or unsuitable for your purpose.

Il est malheureusement possible que certaines personnes publient des contenus inappropriés sur notre Plateforme. La gestion et la modération du contenu présent sur la Plateforme est une priorité pour Motuu. Il est cependant possible que vous constatiez la présence de tels contenus avant que nous n’ayons eu le temps de les supprimer ou de les modifier.
Si tel est le cas, veuillez-nous en informer immédiatement en nous contactant à l’adresse

On the other hand, Motuu cannot be held responsible for any malfunction of the network or servers, or for any event that would prevent or degrade access to the Platform. We also reserve the right to punctually suspend the access to the Platform in the framework of a maintenance operation, an update of the Platform or for any emergency. These temporary interruptions may be carried out without notice or notification from us.

15. Limitation of Motuu's liability

Any user using the Services and browsing the Platform acknowledges that he/she has read and accepted the present GTC, as well as having the necessary faculties and rights. The User is the only person responsible for the proper use of the data on the Platform.

As such, he/she is solely responsible for the information, texts and User Content published, shared and saved on the Platform. The User Content, information and texts posted on the Platform must at all times respect the Motuu Community rules set out in the section "Motuu Community Rules".

Thus, the presence, the use and the sharing of this information and contents on the Platform as a whole cannot in any way engage the responsibility of Motuu, in any capacity whatsoever. On the other hand, Motuu cannot be held responsible or involved in a dispute between the Users of the Services and the Partners, or between the Users themselves.

By using the service, the User commits himself/herself to take charge of the payment of the sums, whatever they may be, resulting from the recourse of a third party against Motuu, including the lawyer's fees and legal costs. He also commits himself to compensate or indemnify Motuu for all harmful consequences directly or indirectly linked to the use he makes of the Services.

Motuu reserves the right to delete all or part of the User Content, at any time and for any reason, without notice or warning. The User will not be able to make any claim in this respect. Motuu also reserves the right to exclude any User whose behavior is inappropriate or does not comply with the present GTU. This exclusion can be done without notice or notification.

The information accessible on the Platform comes from sources deemed reliable. However, Motuu cannot guarantee the accuracy or the relevance of these data. This information is present on the Platform for information purposes only.

Motuu also reserves the right to access, read, retain or disclose any information or data deemed necessary to satisfy any law, regulation, legal process or governmental request for the purpose of enforcing these terms and conditions, including investigating potential violations of these terms and conditions, detecting, preventing or reporting fraud, security or technical problems, responding to users' requests for support, or protecting the rights, property or safety of Motuu, its users and the public.

Motuu cannot be held responsible, within the limits of the applicable law, for damages and/or prejudices, direct or indirect, material or immaterial, or of any nature whatsoever, resulting from the unavailability of one or several Services or from any use of the Service. The term "use" must be understood in the broadest sense, i.e. any use of the Platform and Services whatsoever, legal or not.

We may change these Terms and Conditions from time to time and the most current version will always be posted on our website.

The User agrees, in general, to comply with all regulations in force in France.

16. Respect for Intellectual Property

As specified in our Legal Notice, we remind you that the Motuu Platform in its entirety, its code, its text and image content, its brand identity (logos, slogan...), any information of any kind appearing on it as well as all its services belong exclusively to the Motuu company and its legal representatives. It is strictly forbidden to copy or download all or part of these elements which are protected by copyright, except with our prior and express authorization.

Any total or partial representation of the Platform, by any company or individual whatsoever, without the express permission of its owners, is prohibited and would constitute an infringement punishable by the Code of Intellectual Property. The same applies to the databases and user content present on the Platform.

17. Applicable law and jurisdiction

The present GTU, applicable to the contents and to the sharing of data, relating to the Platform and to Motuu are governed by the French law.

In the event that a dispute cannot be settled amicably, only the French courts within the jurisdiction of the Paris Court of Appeal shall have jurisdiction.

18. Duration

This contract is concluded for an indefinite period from the time of use of the Platform and its Services by the User.