Motuu, the platform to inspire, prepare and share your travels.

Where to go ? What to visit? How to share with my friends and family?

Because at Motuu, we are convinced that there is no one better than other travelers to give you the best inspirations and travel tips. And what a pleasure to discover yours!


Motuu was born from a simple observation when preparing our trips: specialized review sites, social networks, advice from our relatives... The information related to travel is nowadays too diffuse and does not always bring the expected quality of advice. On the other hand, we think that each trip is unique and that it is very complicated to find the addresses that correspond to our way of traveling.

The solution?

Motuu: a platform gathering all the experiences, good addresses and itineraries of other travelers. Be inspired by the experiences of others, follow the experiences of your favorite accounts to prepare a trip that suits you, and share your own experiences!

Find inspiration.

Access at a glance all the content proposed by Motuu users, to discover your next destination, the good addresses that look like you and those that make you dream.

Prepare your future travels

Discover and record the experiences and trips of other users to create your own logbook and prepare for future trips.

Find and share a Experience

Want to quickly post an inspiring photo? Want to share a moment you experienced in a specific place? An "Experience", attached to a location, allows you to share in a few clicks a moment or a place that has marked you.

Find and share a Trip

You want to discover or share the whole trip, its different stages and points of interest? Want to visualize your itinerary on a map? The "Trip" allows you to organize and share a trip with its complete itinerary.

Follow the News of your network

To follow the news of your network and discover all the last visited addresses, go to the page My network.

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Why "Motuu"?

The word "Motu" (with only one "u") comes from the Tahitian dictionary and designates a sandy islet located in a coral reef. It is possible to discover a mutlitude of them in the atolls or at the back of a volcanic island barrier reef. After a memorable trip to French Polynesia, this name evoking paradisiacal and distant landscapes seemed obvious to us!

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