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Give a new value to your travels.

Because each of your travels has a real value...

Join Motuu and get commissions for recommending your favorite places!

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Which hotel do you recommend to spend 4 days in Santorini?

"A trip is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer."

On Motuu, we apply this quote literally...
And in a very simple way !

How does Motuu work?

Motuu uses a very simple system: affiliation (normally reserved for brands or influencers).


Add your hotel on Motuu

Create an EXPERIENCE with just a photo of the hotel and its location.

Create experience

An affiliate link is automatically created

Share this link everywhere, it will record all the reservations it has generated on Motuu and outside.

Share affiliate link

Receive commissions for each reservation

These commissions will appear in your Motuu portfolio.

Earn commissions
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Discover also the
best locations
of your favorite friends and influencers.

Already more than 2500 recommended addresses on Motuu!

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Find new quality locations

You are looking for...

  • 1 hotel
  • in the Cyclades
  • typical of the region

Find your happiness among the addresses recommended by others.

An inspiring App

In photos, in articles or on a map, display the recommended addresses on Motuu as you wish!

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+200€ / booking

Record commissions already achieved


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Receive and track your earnings in a dedicated section

The Motuu wallet allows you to keep your winnings until you decide to transfer them to your personal bank account.

Your travel App just for fun.

Motuu is your new App, open to everyone and totally dedicated to travel.
Motuu is also...

100% ad-free

No advertising or sponsored content.

100% free

No commitment, no counterpart, just fun.

100% for all

Totally for everyone, and adapted to all.

The application you need for all your trips.

Motuu follows you everywhere, all the time from your smartphone or tablet.

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Why "Motuu"?

The word "Motu" (with only one "u") comes from the Tahitian dictionary and designates a sandy islet located in a coral reef. It is possible to discover a mutlitude of them in the atolls or at the back of a volcanic island barrier reef. After a memorable trip to French Polynesia, this name evoking paradisiacal and distant landscapes seemed obvious to us!